Adult Bouncy Castles Plymouth

Large equipment suitable for everyone

covering Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

We have a fantastic range of equipment for all ages including Adults and the big kids amongst us.

Why let the kids have ALL the fun

Our big kid & adult friendly equipment includes:

Bouncy Castles, Bouncy Castles with Slides, Bungee Runs, Football Shoot Out, Bouncy Boxing, Sumo & Superhero Wrestling, BattleZone including Gladiator Dual & Demolition Wrecking Ball, Giant Garden Games & Space Hoppers, Smoke & Bubble Machines InflataBull, Mega Inflatable Ball Pool, Surf Simulator, Rodeo Bull, Rodeo Sheep & Rodeo Reindeer.

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What you get when you book with Plymouth Bouncy Castles & Plymouth Soft Play