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Candy Floss & Popcorn

in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

We offer a varying service for our Popcorn & Candy Floss.

Our Popcorn warmer can be hired on its own.

For Private Parties we can provide bags of pre made (By Us) Candy Floss in a range of colours and flavours. or portions of pre made popcorn to distribute at the end of the party. We charge per bag but do have a minimum order of 20 portions of either item. The more you order the better the price

For School Fetes or Community Events we can come and sell our products directly to the public and if we reach a certain target of turnover we can donate a % to you, the organiser or committee. The turnover target and percentage of profits will need to be negotiated at the time of booking and will depend on the size of your event and number of attendees.

For Corporate Fun Days, Family Fun Days & Weddings, we can operate on free vend and charge the company or organiser’s to attend. This is usually done on a budget basis. You can allocate £xxxx to spend and we can provide a member of staff and the equipment to provide the service. When the credit limit is close to expiring we inform you and you can either top up the credit or we can sell our goods directly to your guests. We can also do a mixture of both where say the adults pay and the children get it for free etc.

We can also provide Pick & Mix Sweets & a Tea & Coffee Bar for public events

All prices include VAT and standard Plymouth delivery

What you get when you book with Plymouth Bouncy Castles & Plymouth Soft Play

Please call 01752 240191 or contact uscontact us to discuss how we can provide our services to you and your event