Event Supervision

Plymouth Bouncy Castles and Plymouth Soft Play

Details and Information for event supervisors

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Plymouth Bouncy Castles supervision notes at public events

  • Please note we are there to monitor and ensure our equipment and the area we have been given to operate in, is used and kept safe. Please ensure that at all times:
  • All people who use the equipment are at the appropriate age. All equipment does differ so if your unsure please ask.
  • No food, drink, sweets, shoes, toys or loose objects are taken onto the equipment whilst in use.
  • You are not there to look after children this includes helping them on and off the equipment which they must be able to do on their own without any assistance whatsoever and also helping them on and off with their shoes. Please do not hold and items which belong to them whilst they use the equipment such as money, toys or clothing etc. This avoids any sort of misunderstanding if they lose any items. The children's welfare is the parents responsibility at all times including whilst they play.
  • Keep our area free of litter and anything that can be a trip hazard.
  • Please ensure that the children don't fight, do somersaults, run from side to side in groups in an attempt to tip the equipment over, climb over walls or use the entrance step to bounce on.
  • Make sure you do not overcrowd the equipment at anytime.
  • Please make sure nothing is obstructing the air intake on the fan such as litter, balloons and leaves.
  • Make sure safety mats are in place at all times when in use.
  • Please watch the video from the link on the website.
  • If the weather turns bad a drains please stop play but leave the equipment up. This stops water getting inside of the equipment. If the wind becomes unsafe to operate in (over 18mph) please switch off the equipment so it deflates. If this is the case you will be instructed to do so.
    If you are unsure and concerned please call.
  • Mobiles. We don't mind mobiles being switched on and on your person but you are there to supervise and not stay on your phones to friends. Please do not take photos of people using the equipment.
  • You are deemed as the responsible person supervising the equipment please act in a manner that you are taken seriously and make sure that all rules are adhered to. This ensures safe play for all and reduces the risk of accidents. People will always try to break the rules. If you are concerned at any point please get in touch with a senior member of staff.
    Remember safety, safety, safety at all times. If you feel that something can result in injury, stop it!
  • Useful Mobile numbers
    Steve: 07971 580374 - Suzanne: 07469 871663 - Collin: 07875 425524
    Gemma: 07948 604279 - Martin: 07802 733101 - James: 07540 287806
    Dan: 07941 446516 - Pricey: 07881 275737 ‚Äč