Q. Can your equipment go indoors?
A. Yes, Yes, Yes, all our equipment is as much at home indoors as well as outside. Some equipment is subject to height restrictions. Please tell us which hall you hiring and we can advise.

Q. Can you put the equipment on concrete or hard standing?
A. Yes we can but we need to know this at the time of booking as we need to anchor the equipment down. If it's on hard standing we need to use Hard Standing Anchor System and we only carry them with us if we know prior to the booking. If we are not told otherwise, we assume the equipment will be outside on grass unless it’s during the winter months and a hall is the venue.
If you have any concerns about your ground please contact us to discuss.

Q. Do you have Bouncy Castles for Big Kids & Adults?
A. Yes we do. Most of our castles are for up to 11yr olds. However we have a couple of castles and other inflatable games suitable for all ages. Please see our ADULT FRIENDLY section.

Q. What happens if it rains or it forecast rain?
A. The majority of our Bouncy Castles come with a shower cover already built in or comes with a detachable cover. Other equipment such as the Bungee Run, BattleZone, Slide, Sumo & Garden Games don't come with covers and are liable to get wet. Caution must be taken when using the equipment when wet as they get very slippery. If at any time you feel it is unsafe to use, we ask that you get all the people off the equipment until it dries up.

Q. What happens if it's windy?
A. We anchor all our equipment down. However, If its blowing quite strongly we take a view on the day. If we feel it is too strong and will damage the equipment or even worse it has a chance of coming away from its anchor points we will not erect the equipment. If the wind increases during your hire and you see any sign of movement in the anchor points or feel it is unsafe then we ask that you clear everyone off the equipment and deflate it immediately. Please note that Sumo Wrestling is slightly different as it can be used in windier conditions as they are not inflatable.

Q. What ages can use the sumo wrestling?
A. We have two sizes of Sumo. Junior 8 - 11 yrs & Teenager / Adult 11yrs to Adult. It all depends on the size of the participant which suits them best.


Q. When do we pay?
A. During busy periods we require a small deposit to secure your equipment when you make the booking & the balance is payable in cash when we deliver the equipment, on the day.

Q. Can we pay for the equipment in full instead of paying a deposit?
A. Yes you can.

Q. How can I pay for my equipment?
A. We have a couple of methods.
1. Pay a deposit using our online facilities. This takes you through to PayPal's facilities that are linked to us. Here you can use your PayPal account, Debit Card or Credit Card.
2. You can use the PayPal facilities to pay for the equipment in full. This must be done prior to the hire.
3. You can pay a deposit or the whole balance using cheque made payable to Plymouth Bouncy Castles. Please note we do not accept cheques on the day unless it is arranged at the time of booking.
4. Cash. You can pay for both your deposit & balance in cash. Receipts can be given on request.
All balances must be settled in cash on delivery unless an alternative method is arranged prior to the hire day.

Q. Can you invoice us for the full amount?
A. If you are a School, Club, Business, Association, Charity or Organisation etc we can invoice you for the full amount. We ask that you settle your invoice prior to or on delivery. However we can make other arrangements but this must be done when you book the equipment.

Q. How do you know when we have paid a deposit using your online facilities?
A. If your PayPal account or card details are in the same name as your booking we just match up the details.

General Information.

Q. What space do I need for your equipment?
A. Our sizes shown are the sizes of the equipment. What it doesn't account for is safety mats, fan/blower & anchorage. We have produced a size sheet which includes the space needed including the additional equipment.

Q. What do you need to know from me or what do I need to know?
A. When you make a booking we assume;
* You have enough space.
* If you have pets, the area is clear of any 'mines' & 'presents' that your loved furry friend might leave behind for you.
* We need to know if you have steps leading to your garden / area where the equipment is going on. Due to the size & weight of some of the equipment we might not be able to get the equipment in or out.
* What sort of ground you intend putting the equipment on if it isn't going on grass or indoors.
* Most of our equipment needs electricity. We need to be ideally within 25m of an electricity supply. If it is further please let us know as we have extension cables up to 75m long. We don't carry theses as a rule due to the size and weight so prior booking is essential as we only have a limited stock.
If you don't have a mains electricity supply you will need a generator. We don't supply generators but can organise them. The full cost of which is passed onto you. We don't make anything out of generator hire.
* We need to know if the ground slopes. The flatter the better. If you are unsure we can arrange a visit before you book. These are usually done during the working week and arrangements must be made in advance.
* We need to know the ages of the intended users of the equipment. Not all our equipment is usable by everyone. We can recommend equipment if you're unsure.