Hard Standing Anchor Bolt System

Hard Standing Anchor Bolt System

At Plymouth Bouncy Castles & Plymouth Soft Play we take safety seriously and with this in mind and primary to any set up we do, we need to make sure that Inflatable equipment that is used to bounce on is anchored down securely and correctly to avoid any risk that the inflatable equipment cannot move or crucially blow away.

We now will only put our equipment on a hard surface outside if we can use our comprehensive Anchor Bolt System (ABS)

We Drill a 12mm hole and use a 12mm reusable thunder or Dewalt concrete bolt and a solid steel washer on each anchor point.

When we have finished the booking and when we collect the equipment we refill the bolt holes with clear silicone and use the hole debris to cover the hole.

Extra Mats

Together with the bolt system we also provide a couple of extra mats to put around the side of the main step.