Winter Packages

Winter Package deals

For bookings between 1st October 2014 & 31st March 2015

From the 1st October to the 31st March we offer some great offers and discounts. These are sometimes shown on here or on our facebook page

Special Offers 1/2 Price Add On 1/2 Price 2nd Bouncy Castle Packages

Special Offers

Any of these deals can be added to any full price hire

Extra Large Soft Play Ball Pool - £25

Standard Soft Play Ball Pool - £20

Large Bouncy Castle Toddler Ball Pool - £35

Large Inflatable Ball Pool - £25

25 Piece Jungle Soft Play set & 6 Floor Mats - £50


8 Piece kids game set - £25

4 Piece Premium Games Set - £40

2x Adult & 2x Child Space Hoppers or animal hoppers - £20

Please Note

  • Indoor hire only

1/2 Price add on to any regular bouncy castle hire.

Please see our Winter Offers page.

Choose from

Toddler Equipment & Ball Pools:

10 Piece Soft Play shapes set and 2 Floor Mats - £25

Little Tykes Small Toddler plastic Slide - £5 (Great with the 6ft Ball Pool)

Bubble Machine - £10

Please note

  • Indoor hire only

1/2 Price 2nd Bouncy Castle

Choose from a range of bouncy castles. 50% Discount on the cheapest bouncy castle will be applied to your booking when we recieve it and further confirmation will be sent via email to confirm the offer. This is due to our booking system being unable to offer such a generous special offer. Please note this is done manually and will be done by the next working day. Any deposit or payment made will come off the new balance

*** Note: Please put '1/2 Price 2nd Castle' in the comments box when booking***

Online offer only.

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